Aluminum Hori Hori

An intergral version of the classic mountain gardeners’ tool rendered in cold forged aluminum.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Hori Hori is a Japanese onomatopoeia that roughly translates to, “dig dig”. Traditionally used to harvest wild mountain vegetables, they have become popular tools for bonsai tending and various gardening work. The hori hori knife is designed to be a cross between a blade and a shovel and has a slim, straight profile and inline handle for digging, and sharp, rough edges or sawteeth for tearing and cutting.

100% hand crafted with human power, this version was chisel cut and hand hammered cold from a single solid bar of aluminum for hardness and strength. Light and sturdy, it is the perfect companion tool for small indoor or outdoor gardening. Aluminum will develop a dull gray patina and resist weather for ease of care and use. The raw material for these was left over from a batch of Tamaki’s handmade metal buttons. Blade width is just under 1.5″ and overall length is 11.25″.

Material: Reclaimed aluminum scrap
This tool is in a private collection on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.