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  • Japan Countryside

    Japan Countryside

    A curated collection of views from the countryside of Japan in early spring. The mist can be heavy in the mornings and the days are still cool but the sun is beginning to warm the earth. There are a few spring greens but most of the winter colours remain. Plum blossoms are out, sakura have…

  • Driftwood Garden Bird

    A one of a kind piece of naturally sculpted driftwood is combined with hand riveted steel and set on a driftwood base. This is one of our first truly collaborative works, both of us putting in portions of the design and creation stages. Inspiration for this garden sculpture started with the Yellow Dedar driftwood for…

  • Hybrid Hori Hori

    An all aluminum fusion design based on a tool favoured by bonsai gardeners and micro farmers alike.

  • Aluminum Hori Hori

    An intergral version of the classic mountain gardeners’ tool rendered in cold forged aluminum.

  • Garden Collaboration

    A hand forged and punched steel sign hanger and a hand carved split cedar sign turn a garden sculpture into a custom sign post.

  • The Old School House

    The Old School House (affectionately known as TOSH) is a community supported arts centre and gallery in Qualicum Beach.

  • Alder Froe

    An ancient tool used for splitting cedar into planks and shakes, made from a reclaimed leaf spring and alder driftwood. A froe is a splitting tool for making cedar bolts into shakes or even planks. It is held cutting edge down against the top of the block and struck with a wooden mallet into the…

  • Small Drive In Hooks

    Perfect for a log cabin or post and beam structure, these small spiked hooks can be driven securely into woodwork.

  • Integral Ring Knife

    An early piece revisited; a traditional patterned small companion knife made from a piece of reclaimed agricultural tool steel. For those interested in collecting an earlier work, this is new old stock; one of my few remaining “first round” pieces still available for purchase. Proceeds will go towards the expense of setting up the new…