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  • Brass Mountain Kotanto

    Brass Mountain Kotanto

    The core of this project is a high carbon blade, charcoal-forged from reclaimed steel, water quenched with clay and sharpened with waterstones, an outdoor knife that has the foundation of the Japanese sword but is finished in the simple and humble style of farming and foresting tools of centuries ago. Satoyama are the managed forest…

  • Buttons Now Available

    Handmade metal buttons are now available at tomorrow’s fibre arts fair in Errington / Coombs as well as a local shop. By popular demand, Tamaki’s handmade metal buttons are now available in oceanside. Handmade of brass, copper, and aluminum, each is a unique work of art in various patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. The perfect…

  • Handmade Buttons

    Featuring a new hammer texture interpretation of sakura blossoms seen through branches in the spring time.

  • Edo Inspired Buttons

    Hand hammered textures and subtly organic lines bring life and warmth into these handmade metal buttons.

  • Hybrid Hori Hori

    An all aluminum fusion design based on a tool favoured by bonsai gardeners and micro farmers alike.

  • Aluminum Hori Hori

    An intergral version of the classic mountain gardeners’ tool rendered in cold forged aluminum.

  • Teddy Bear Armour

    Teddy Bear Armour

    Following the first knife ever in 1990 in the form of a mini katana scaled for my teddy bear, I made a three different versions of armour for him as well in 1991 (the summer after grade 8) at the age of 13. The first was probably the bamboo and paper plate armour, the second…