Handmade Buttons

Featuring a new hammer texture interpretation of sakura blossoms seen through branches in the spring time.

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Another batch of beautiful handmade metal buttons that invite you to experience their hand hammered textures. Polish and patina play off one another in brass, copper, and aluminum. Each work of art is carefully cut, filed, sanded, forged, and polished to create unique patterns and textures and in various sizes and shapes.

Made one at a time by hand with human powered tools and a hearty serving of love, these buttons are exclusively created in very limited numbers. They are warm and weighty with the variety of lines and shapes that can only come from hand work. One of the major themes of her work is intentional avoidance of the cold geometric lines and mechanized symmetry that our industrialized eyes have grown weary of.

The style and finish of her handmade buttons is reminiscent of Edo era currency in Japan. Creative uses for these objets d’art include oversized buttons for fashion and textiles, netsuke type lanyards or fobs, jewellery or accent pieces, and collectible original works. The final polishing is done with charcoal dust and they are lightly finished with a buffed beeswax coating. Sizes range from 2cm to 5cm. Less than an inch is considered a small size.

Material: Reclaimed brass door push plates, reclaimed copper water pipe and scrap, reclaimed aluminum scrap

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

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