Forge and Tools Need a Good Home

An unexpected turn of events means the blacksmith shop and its contents as well as the finishing shed will need to be moved to new homes by the end of July. All reasonable offers considered, larger bundles more so than individual items, every little bit will help, please contact info@islandblacksmith.ca by email with questions. Items must be picked up locally, paid in advance by e-transfer/cash or first-come-first-served.

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Mukozuchi Sledge
Seasoned Magnolia Slabs
Urushi Lacquering Cabinet and Tools

(remaining sword fittings available in the online shop)

Kajiba Building

10’x16′ (roof is ~14’x20′, about 11.5′ high) locally milled Red Cedar timber frame workshop built in Meiji inaka naya farm style. Charred yakisugi local Red Cedar siding and steel roofing attached with exterior deck screws, frame is simple joinery and engineered fasteners for cross braces and roof joists.

Construction began in early 2019 and finished recently. Comes with front double doors, rear sliding panel opening, and window shutters on both ends, antique glass and Red Cedar to make windows from, many floor bricks, and flat-topped stones for the posts to sit on.

Upper earth wall panels will have to be cut out and may not be reuseable, lower interior earth walls may be transferable mostly intact. See the whole construction of the workshop. Buyer must remove from the property in the month of July, located in Errington. **SOLD**



Charcoal Making Kiln

Steel lined earth charcoal kiln based on traditional Japanese mountain style. Outside wood frame lined with galvanized steel. Opening is 3’x3′, interior goes to 4’x4′ at the back. Never run so is quite clean still, made from scrap, will be quite a chore to disassemble and remove earth from around the steel shell. See the construction process for more details on the inner workings. Buyer must remove from the property in the month of July, located in Errington. **SOLD**

Charcoal Kiln

Swordsmith Forge

The bladesmithing style forge is a relatively simple version of a sideblast charcoal forge. The price is for 2 or 3 dozen hard high temperature kiln bricks (the separation wall can be included as a bonus if it can be removed). Fuigo not included. Read about traditional swordsmith forges. $200cad **SOLD**

Charcoal bladesmith forge

255lb Japanese Style Anvil

Bladesmithing anvils need not be more than a rectangular block of steel, this one is 255lbs, 5″x10″ face, 18″high, about half of it set into the floor, cut from 5″ thick 44W structural plate steel, c.2019, 116kg. 255# @ $2/lb = $510cad **SOLD**

Swordsmithing anvil in traditional workshop

475lb Japanese Style Anvil

Large bladesmithing or striking anvil made from scrap bolted together. The two side pieces are cast (likely iron) John Deere 8255C rear counterweights from a shovel dozer. Specs say they weigh about 200-240lbs each, and they measure about 2 1/8″ x 14 3/4″ x 25″. There is a ‘T’ shaped face and stem that extends to the ground between the plates made from welded spring or tool steel and weighs about 70lbs.

The face is about 1 3/8″ x 6″ x 15 1/4″ and has a pritchel hole in it and a sharp edge for cutting on one corner. The combined weight of the plates bolted around the face and stem should be between 475 and 520lbs, c.2017, 215kg. Already removed from the ground, easy to disassemble, must be self loaded and picked up at the Parksville museum forge. 475# @ $0.50/lb = $238cad **SOLD**

Swordsmithing anvil in traditional workshop

506lb John Brooks Anvil

Eighty year old John Brooks England, London Pattern Anvil, c. 1930, 4 1/2 cwt. Hardened cast steel in very good shape, comes with several tools to sit in the hardy hole. 506# @ $8/lb = $4048cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing anvil in traditional workshop

125lb Peter Wright Anvil

A good portable, starter, or part time anvil in good condition, comes with a few tools to fit the hardy hole. 125# @ $5/lb = $625 **SOLD**

Blacksmithing anvil in traditional workshop

Heavy Duty Coke Forge and Hood

Heavy duty industrial coke forge with table and blower. Firepot is lined with thermogen refractory and weighs ~200lbs, has air inlet, flow valve, and ash dump, measures 18″ x 15″ x 4″. Table has two legs and brackets for wall mounting, blower has cast iron housing with direct drive motor. Hood is 3’x3’x4’tall, can be wall mounted, and has 12″ diameter chimney with rain cap. **SOLD**

Industrial coke forge

Blacksmithing forge in traditional workshop

Cast Iron Forge Firepot and Blower

Heavy duty Champion Whirlwind Blast firepot from 1907, about 12″x14″, has clinker breaker and cleanout, comes with stand and hand cranked blower, ready to use. Blower fan case is cracked but has worked for years as is. $300cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing forge in traditional workshop

Blacksmithing forge in traditional workshop

Industrial Blower

Heavy duty Champion industrial size blower, belt driven. About 14″ diameter with mounting brackets and pulley with grease points on both sides. Stored inside for the last 10 years, seems to spin fine. Old washing machine motor included, as is. $200cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing forge blower

Hand Cranked Blowers

Three antique blowers, two work somewhat already, the third and rustiest is seized with old grease. Standard procedure to restore these is disassemble, soak and remove hardened gear oil, replace gasket, fill with oil and start forging. Three together as a set, as is. $200cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing forge blower

4″ Leg Vise

Never stored outside in a century or more, has acorn foot and full length leg. $200cad **SOLD**

Blacksmith's Leg Vise

5″ Leg Vise

Very sturdy German forged leg vise, never even properly installed yet as it still has its shorter factory leg, ready to weld on the extension to your bench height. Jaws should come to your elbow height for filing but it can be mounted short for striking work. 5″ wide jaws. $250cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing leg vise

6″ Leg Vise

Incredibly sturdy German forged leg vise, never even properly installed yet as it still has its shorter factory leg, ready to weld on the extension to your bench height. Jaws should come to your elbow height for filing but it can be mounted as-is for striking work. 6″ wide jaws. $300cad **SOLD**

Blacksmithing leg vise

Timber Workbench

Heavy reclaimed timber bench with sturdy shelf and a mounting point for the 4″ leg vise. Red Cedar and Fir, simple joinery lag bolted together, about 6′ wide. $200 **SOLD**

Blacksmithing workbench

Sen Dai

The staple vise solves the dual problems of getting clear access to the sides of a blade, and of steel jaws marring the soft steel of the tang. Various wooden wedges to hold a blade securely for scraping and filing. Two sizes, one vise mounted, one floor. Two sen scrapers, small and large. **SOLD**

Sen Dai - staple vise

Sen Dai - staple vise

Post Drill

Self-feeding hand powered drill press. This machine was made in Canada around the turn of the century and still has some miles left to go. Cast into the frame are the model number, 614 (from 1914), and the words, “Can. Blower & Forge Co. Ltd. Kitchener, Ont”. Has updated modern chuck to hold smaller bits. More about the post drill. $150cad **SOLD**

Hand Powered Post Drill

Mukozuchi Sledges

Two sizes of mukozuchi (striking sledges, bottom of photo) forged to spec by Shawn Cunningham (~6kg / ~13lb) and Jake James (~4kg / 9lb) respectively. Mukozuchi are used by a striker and are usually between 3貫/kan (11.25kg / 24.8lb) and 1貫/kan (3.75kg / 8.26lb). Normally handles are about 120cm in length but these are 100-110cm for use in the museum forge. Read more about these hammers and find out why *You* Need A Japanese Swordsmith’s Hammer. $540cad for the large small is **SOLD**

Mukozuchi Sledges

Tezuchi Hammers

Two sizes of tezuchi (hand hammers), forged at the museum using the mukozuchi above. Larger is ~1.4kg / 3lb for roughing and smaller is ~1kg / 2.2lb for finer work. The roughing hammer has a ~30x30mm face about with a ~25mm striking area, and the smaller has a 25x25mm face with about a ~20mm striking area for narrow bevels. Read more about these hammers and find out why *You* Need A Japanese Swordsmith’s Hammer. large $180cad, small $160cad **SOLD**

Tezuchi Forging Hammers

Tezuchi Forging Hammers

Tezuchi Forging Hammers

Tongs & Tools

Assorted antique and modern hammers, hammer heads, top tools, chisels, punches, and tongs in various states of repair or use. Blacksmiths, machinists, sawyers/saw tuners, large railroad tongs, etc. hammers and tools 6/$100cad, tongs 12/$100cad **SOLD**

Blacksmith Tools

Scrap Steel

High and low carbon steel for forging, tool making, knifemaking, and architectural work. Several still in 8′ lengths, along with buckets of shorter scrap ready to use for smaller projects. Other heavy parts can be used for swage blocks and small anvils. Caterpillar roller bearings for tool or hammer making, wrought iron horse shoes, etc. Too much to photograph. **SOLD**

Blacksmithing steel

Iwasaki Style Charcoal Kiln

Two barrel Iwasaki style kiln with racks and chimney. Read more about this kiln. **SOLD**

Blacksmithing charcoal making kiln

Vintage Smith Roles Comet Welder

Made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has all its original cables, extension cord, and leads and even the accompanying battery charger that draws power from the welder (battery charger wires look damaged though). The power level selection is facilitated by plugging the two leads into a grid of number and letter coordinates based on the accompanying chart. Used as recently as a few months ago and seems to be in fine order. One end of the extension cord was wired into a junction box which allowed the welder to keep its original proprietary plug intact. Read more about this welder.
$150cad **SOLD**

Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Cedar Gable Shed

12’x8’x 12′ tall tiny home style shed built with sturdy 2×4 frame construction, plywood sheathing inside and out, insulated to bottom of roof and full vapour barrier inside, tar paper outside and siding from hand split Red Cedar driftwood shakes and charred Cypress (yellow cedar).

8’x8′ loft has oak hardwood flooring and hardwood plywood ceiling, fir ladder, railing, and trim. Main floor has charred yakisugi trim and natural earth plaster walls, built in vintage plywood shelf, and engineered “wood” flooring. Wired with 2 light sockets and 5 electrical outlets. Loft window is antique single pane, lower window is double pane with fir frame. Door is covered with reclaimed galvanized roofing, has keyed deadbolt as well as heavy hasp for padlock. More about renovating this shed.

Shed is on skids but height will mean permits likely required, depending on type of trailer being used. Buyer must remove from the property in the month of July, located in Errington. As-is. **SOLD**

Shiage-ba shed.

Shiage-ba shed.

Togi Dai (Hand Polishing Platform)

Handbuilt traditional workspace used to orient the stones at a proper angle to the polisher and to collect and manage the water and swarf that comes from the process. The polishing components include a sloped wooden platform to drain and collect water, a water bucket and adjustable stone rest, a foot clamp to hold the stone down, and a slanted stool for the polisher. Handplaned Nootka Cypress and Red Cedar. Water drains into a stainless steel bin. More about buiding the togidai. $1800cad **SOLD**

Togi Dai - polishing bench for waterstones

Togi Dai - polishing bench for waterstones

Japanese Waterstones

Natural and synthetic Japanese waterstones for polishing and sharpening, mostly new or used only a handful of times, many of which are not even available outside of traveling to Japan.

Group 1: coarse grinding/sharpening stones #80 (several), #120 (a couple), #180, #220, #300, #500 (natural), #700 (natural).

Group 2: fine natural polishing/sharpening stones #binsui, #uchigumori/narutakido (in smaller and non-uniform shapes).

There are four stones between those two groups that will not be included in the sale as they are so valuable, but they would be required for the whole sword polishing process to be complete: #kaisei-do, #koma-nagura #chu-nagura, #suita (uchigumori-do).

$600cad **SOLD**

Togi Dai - polishing bench for waterstones

Floor Woodworking Bench

Small woodworking table for seated floor work with planes and chisels. Magnolia with Ebony stops and Red Cedar feet, about 8″ tall (on right). Second Red Cedar work stand is for hand sawing (not shown). A third for planing odd shapes like handles and scabbards is included (on left). Read about making this bench. $200cad **SOLD**

Carving Bench

Magnolia Slabs

Air-dried Magnolia seasoned inside for several years, some with spalting. Probably about five or six slabs 2-3′ long, 6-10″ wide, most thick enough for splitting to carve handles and scabbards (enough to make at least a dozen tanto), all more than thick enough for kitchen knife handles. All are over 1″ thick (~1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″), at last count two are about 2′ long, two are about 2.5′, one 3′ and one 3.5′, some checks, sold as-is, for pickup only. $360cad for slabs (or $480cad including ~3-4 prepared/split wakizashi blanks and other nice bits)

Carving Bench

Urushi Lacquering Cabinet and Tools

Red Cedar and Juniper cabinet for curing natural urushi lacquer. 31.5″ high, 11.25″ wide, 11″ deep including cord protrusion at back. The interior has a lightbulb in a jar and a glass water tray to boost heat and humidity as needed during the curing process. Exterior has thermometer/hygrometer for approximate reading of conditions. The shelf has holes for five peg stands and tilts outwards if needed. Clearance is 18.75″ which can comfortably cure a 16″ saya. Cord is 5.5′ long, dial timer included for automatic on/off, along with a few tubes of urushi, benigara red pigment, filter paper, bag of diatomaceous earth, working board, and a brush, sold as-is, for pickup. $380cad

Urushi Muro

Urushi Muro

Urushi Muro

Urushi Muro

Wood Carving Tools