Thirty Years After The Village Blacksmith

Thirty years ago today marks my first day working under Mr. Emmanuel A. Schrock in a former livery stable in Ohio’s Amish country and embarking into the world of traditional blacksmithing techniques.

In the spring of 1992, I traveled to Amish country in Ohio, USA, to learn from Mr. Emmanuel Schrock in the format of a full-time short-term intensive crash course. Mr. Schrock, a career blacksmith known for his fine detail and creative problem-solving, was patient enough to coach me in the basic skills of many foundational smithing techniques. More about Mr. Schrock: Emmanuel A. Schrock (1924-2003)

Emmanuel A. Schrock, Blacksmith.
The front entrance to the Village Blacksmith Shop.
Emmanuel A. Schrock, Blacksmith.
Emmanuel A. Schrock, Blacksmith.
Emmanuel A. Schrock, Blacksmith.
The forge and anvil on a typical workday.
Working at the Village Blacksmith Shop in Fredericksburg, Ohio. (1992)
Read more about Mr. Emmanuel Schrock here: Emmanuel A. Schrock (1924-2003)

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