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  • Museum Forge Shiageba

    Museum Forge Shiageba

    As part of the 2022 artist in residence project a temporary shiageba (finishing area) was set up for carving handles and scabbards for the knives forged earlier in the year. This was the first time that the finishing stages of traditional knifemaking were demonstrated at the museum. Later in the season a full-sized traditional togi-dai…

  • Photo Essay: Polishing an Antique Tanto

    Photo Essay: Polishing an Antique Tanto

    Some views into the steel of an antique yoroidoshi during restoration polishing, on a day and stage when the light and the surface were showing interesting details of the hamon and hada. Thank you to its caretaker for allowing me to contribute to its care and preservation. In a private collection in Vancouver.

  • Natural Earth Plaster Walls

    Natural Earth Plaster Walls

    In contrast to the rough walls of the kajiba, which are arakabetsuchi (荒壁土), the traditional infill technique using a rough mixture of natural clay, sand, and straw applied over lath (komai/kabekomai 壁小舞), the interior walls of the shiageba are finished with a finer natural earth plaster top layer. This small shiageba will provide work areas…

  • Building a Togi-Dai for Polishing

    Building a Togi-Dai for Polishing

    Togi (研ぎ) is the process of using several stages of abrasive stones to refine, smooth, and sharpen a blade. The word togi does not differentiate between the action of polishing and the action of sharpening, in the Japanese concept the operations are one and the same –an integral process. A togi-dai (研ぎ台) polishing platform is…