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  • Making Sokui (Rice Paste Glue)

    Making Sokui (Rice Paste Glue)

    Sokui (続飯) is a simple starch-based wood glue that is traditionally used for joining wood to wood or paper to wood. Its uses span from tsuka making to sliding panel shoji and it particularly shines in joinery where it serves as a lubricant when inserting tenons as well as the adhesive to keep them in…

  • Sokui (Rice Paste Glue) Strength Testing

    Sokui (Rice Paste Glue) Strength Testing

    This is an experiment I did as part of a prototyping project, and was intended to satisfy my curiosity on the performance of sokui (続飯) or rice paste glue. The natural glue contains nothing but delicious Japanese rice and a little bit of water. Usually sokui is used as part of a system that also…