Classic Letter Openers

Shaped almost entirely by forging, these steel blades are finished with traditional twisting, bending, and scrolling handle forms. Approx. 8-10″ long, hand waxed finish. Material: Rolled steel stock A similar piece would start at $360 These pieces are in private collections in… Continue reading

Small Heart Trivets

Smaller variations of heart trivets showcasing various hand formed scroll ends look great alone or in groups of four. These trivets are made using various scroll techniques that would traditionally be used in gate or screen designs. In place of legs, these… Continue reading

Forged Copper Pendant

Hand-hammered and coiled, hand-tanned deerskin with upcycled electrical wire from a house built in the 1940’s, natural patina finish. This was the first piece I forged from the short length of reno copper that came out of a house by the beach… Continue reading