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  • Buttons Now Available

    Handmade metal buttons are now available at tomorrow’s fibre arts fair in Errington / Coombs as well as a local shop. By popular demand, Tamaki’s handmade metal buttons are now available in oceanside. Handmade of brass, copper, and aluminum, each is a unique work of art in various patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. The perfect…

  • Edo Inspired Buttons

    Hand hammered textures and subtly organic lines bring life and warmth into these handmade metal buttons.

  • Hybrid Hori Hori

    An all aluminum fusion design based on a tool favoured by bonsai gardeners and micro farmers alike.

  • Heart Brass Pair

    Heavy reclaimed plate brass finds new value as a matched set of utensils with heart finials and textured steel handles.