Tag: leaves

  • Paper Towel Holder

    Starting with a heart and ending with a leaf, this sturdy stand is worth its weight in the kitchen when hands are short. This was a long-overdue request from home. There is an old saying to the effect of, “In the home of the blacksmith hangs a wooden spoon.” Approx. 14″ high, hand waxed finish. […]

  • Smashin’ Glass!

    Smashin’ Glass is an artist-run studio, gallery, and shop that thrives on supporting local artisans and their creative work.

  • Leaf Keychains

    Is that a piece of wrought iron in your pocket? Pieces of scrap steel are hammered down into a delicate curving leaf and vine motif. Keychains featuring leaves forged from small pieces of reclaimed scrap steel. Approximately 2″ to 3″ long. Hand rubbed combination wax finish. Material: Reclaimed rolled steel scrap A similar piece would […]

  • Large Leaf Spoon

    Hammered copper and forged steel are combined with the technique of hand riveting in this whimsical culinary sculpture piece. Next to knives, kitchen utensils are one of my favorite projects to work on. Each one is slightly different and there is plenty of room for experimenting with variation of styles. I also enjoy working with […]