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  • Tombo Mountain Kotanto

    Tombo Mountain Kotanto

    The core of this project is a high carbon blade, charcoal-forged from reclaimed steel, water quenched with clay and sharpened with waterstones, an outdoor knife that has the foundation of the Japanese sword but is finished in the simple and humble style of farming and foresting tools of centuries ago. Satoyama are the managed forest…

  • Photo Essay: Antique Koto Tanto in Edo Mountings

    Photo Essay: Antique Koto Tanto in Edo Mountings

    This tanto appears to be koto and may be around 450-550 years old (Warring States Era). Though this blade has some battle damage and is somewhat worn (“tired”) due to many polishes over the centuries, it can still be enjoyed as an interesting and very old sword. The tang is signed Kane_ (兼_) in an…

  • Photo Essay: Museum Forge Visit

    Photo Essay: Museum Forge Visit

    Talented LA-based photographer and aspiring bladesmith Jourdan Causey made a detour up to the Museum Forge on a very cool April morning to document the atmosphere as the first blade of the season was forged from century-old mining car rail in a fire fueled by charcoal made with brush cleared homestead branches. Photographed and graded…