Tag: island workshop

  • Workshop Swivel Light

    Made from reclaimed parts and hand forged iron, a simple hanging lamp that effortlessly swivels 180 degrees and adjusts vertically. The light is made from a vintage enameled shade, a discarded socket, and a piece of extension cord wire, and wrought iron. The original plan was to hang it from a swivel arm that spanned…

  • Workshop Door Hook

    A simple hook and eye system serves double duty to hold the doors to each other when closed or held open against the wind. A hook and retaining eye is pounded through the door, and two separate eyes, one for open and one for the closed position are hammered into an appropriate location and through…

  • Workshop Door Hinges

    Simple, traditional strap and butterfly hinge combination from heavy stock to support the solid wood blacksmith shop doors. The island workshop doors are built of reclaimed ship lap and other scrap wood, nailed together, and braced with a hand chiseled mortise. The wood had been outside for some time and is still heavy with moisture…

  • Island Workshop Open!

    Following the preliminary experiments with the charcoal retort, it was time to make a fire and start hammering again, island style.

  • Island Workshop Day 6

    Built a reclaimed fir boardwalk at the front of the shop, installed the leg vise and post drill, and built the charcoal retort, beta version.

  • Island Workshop Day 5

    Spent most of the morning rebuilding a hand-cranked blower, hooked up a light and a power outlet, and rearranged more tools.

  • Island Workshop Day 4

    Installed the chimney with lots of ground help from Neido~chan, built shelves, and started to organize tool boxes and scrap steel.

  • Island Workshop Day 3

    Built wall racks for steel stock and cleared some of the floor space. Moved the stump and anvil into place and leveled the earth floor.

  • Island Workshop Day 2

    Cut down the oversized smoke hood and installed it over the forge, finished set up of the forge table and installed the firepot.

  • Island Workshop Day 1

    Unloaded all 4000 pounds of steel and tools, stashed most of it under cover and out of the rain. Set up the forge table and sorted tools.