Tag: hearts

  • Heart Key Display Case

    A hand forged key, driftwood, and hammered steel with antique copper nails highlight this distressed reclaimed cedar and glass box.

  • Heart Brass Pair

    Heavy reclaimed plate brass finds new value as a matched set of utensils with heart finials and textured steel handles.

  • Paper Towel Holder

    Starting with a heart and ending with a leaf, this sturdy stand is worth its weight in the kitchen when hands are short. This was a long-overdue request from home. There is an old saying to the effect of, “In the home of the blacksmith hangs a wooden spoon.” Approx. 14″ high, hand waxed finish.…

  • Smashin’ Glass!

    Smashin’ Glass is an artist-run studio, gallery, and shop that thrives on supporting local artisans and their creative work.

  • Small Heart Trivets

    Smaller variations of heart trivets showcasing various hand formed scroll ends look great alone or in groups of four. These trivets are made using various scroll techniques that would traditionally be used in gate or screen designs. In place of legs, these smaller trivets are bent on edge to provide clearance and even support on…

  • Large Heart Trivet

    A traditional trivet design that combines the heart with delicately curled and tenoned legs for the ultimate kitchen bling. This trivet features a sideways bending technique that can only be achieved with heat. Taken from the charcoal forge at a bright orange heat, the ends of the trivet are patiently curved against their natural bending…

  • Mini Heart Hooks

    Split and curled hearts are the focal point of these small wall hooks that would work well for keys, dried herbs, or utensils.

  • Heart Copper Spatula

    Simple and effective, the subtle details and heart finials on these utensils make them perfect for kitchen accent pieces.

  • Large Objets d’Heart

    Inspired by a visit from the good doctor, a whole batch of funky, whimsical, and elegant iron hearts are just in time for sharing. These hearts are fashioned from the scraps that are cut off the end of larger steel stock. Each one is slightly different in size or design and they range from keychain…

  • Small Objets d’Heart

    A fun way to accent, decorate, start a conversation, or start a relationship…these unique iron hearts are made for sharing.