Soulsmithing part 6

Pierre Nadeau of lights his new forge in Canada for the first time. I was honoured to be there for the inaugural firing, it felt like a graduation, a major milestone. Pierre will now resume his work and research in the… Continue reading

Soulsmithing part 4

Building the fuigo floor at Pierre Nadeau’s workshop. Read more about the project, or watch the whole soulsmithing series. The three major projects during this visit were focused on getting the forge itself ready for use. In this episode, creating a steel… Continue reading

Sounds of the Workshop: Night Session

Though it is a wonderful and peaceful time to be in the workshop enjoying the cool night air as well as a good time for doing yaki-ire, I don’t often forge at night. This night I had the camera on a tripod whilst working on the beginnings of a small shear steel bushcraft knife in classical tanto style when a friend came by and offered to take some other angles. Please enjoy a few minutes of the the night session vibe, listening to the rhythm of the fuigo and the breathing of the fire. (additional footage by 309, cameo by owl the cat)

A tour of the forge: