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  • Sounds of the Workshop: Creating a Tanto Blade

    Sounds of the Workshop: Creating a Tanto Blade

    Just for fun! This is a collection of clips documenting the sounds involved at each stage of the process of making a traditional tanto blade from reclaimed steel. A little slower the second time in case you missed anything in the intro! The blade is based on design elements of the 13th century Aizu Shintogo […]

  • Yaki-Ire – How a Tanto Blade is Born

    Yaki-Ire – How a Tanto Blade is Born

    Until it survives the hardening process, a tanto is only a piece of steel, not yet a blade…read more about this transformational stage: Yaki-Ire (Clay Tempering)

  • Forging a Tanto from a Carriage Leaf Spring

    Forging a Tanto from a Carriage Leaf Spring

    Full Length Version **The heating time has been edited out and some of the tang work is missing due to battery issues. The blade shape is based on the Aizu Shintogo kata: islandblacksmith.ca/2014/04/aizu-shintogo-kunimitsu-tanto-kata/ Making the most of the fire, hammer, and anvil to prepare the steel to be refined and smoothed…read more about this foundational […]

  • Opening Shirasaya

    Opening Shirasaya

    1. Never pull or jerk the blade out with the power of your arms or you will lose control of the blade and possibly damage the saya (scabbard), yourself, or others. Use only small hand muscle movements to loosen it before drawing. 2. When unsheathing, make sure the edge is up, then pull just enough […]

  • Testing Blacksmithing Charcoal

    Testing Blacksmithing Charcoal

    More about making softwood charcoal: How Charcoal is Made

  • Forged from Farm Scrap – the Culinary Knife Project

    Forged from Farm Scrap – the Culinary Knife Project

    Forging a spring tip cheese knife, along with some finished works from the Culinary Project.

  • Metal Artists In Action

    Metal Artists In Action

    A two day collaborative invitational metalworking event hosted by Red Cod Forge in Nanoose Bay. We had the privilege of being on the demonstrator’s list for the first annual M.I.A (Metal artists In Action) event hosted by Dave Kasprick of Red Cod Forge. Also on the list were Jay Holbrook, a mixed media sculptor of […]

  • Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition

    Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition

    An exhibition of traditional Japanese arts and crafts held in Osaka Umeda, May 2013.

  • Eyes On BC Magazine

    An interesting and informative article by David Morrison, published in the April issue of Eyes On BC magazine. Crossed Heart Forge: Let Hammer on Anvil Ring! By David Morrison for Eyes On BC Magazine April 2013, Vol.2 Issue 03 Article on page 6, continued on page 10. View Full Size

  • PechaKucha Nishinomiya #16

    Davej will be a guest presenter at PechaKucha Nishinomiya #16 on April 19, 2013.

  • School Group Demo

    A demonstration for a group of homeschool students and families at the Craig Heritage Park and Museum.

  • Party on the Drive

    Crossed Heart Forge demo set up at Tigh-Na-Mara for the Resort Drive event. We were invited to participate in the first ever P-Art-y on the Drive event in Parksville on the ninth of September. Our booth featured a live demonstration of cold forged copper penannular shawl pins, rings, and bracelets and also displayed the hand […]

  • Lighthouse Fall Fair

    Island Blacksmith creations and knife sharpening demo set up at the 42nd annual Lighthouse Country Fall Fair.

  • Panther Valley Day

    A photo of our minimal style portable set up from the demo at the Craig Heritage Park and Museum community event.

  • Bike to Work Wrap Up

    This Sunday (June 3) we will be set up at Morningstar Farm for the Bike To Work Week Community Ride wrap up event.