Hand Forged Japanese Style Classical Tanto

Charcoal Forged Tanto: hand crafted on Vancouver Island.

Historical Techniques

Hand forged with handmade charcoal, constructed and finished with historical methods and natural materials.
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Crossed Heart Forge, Island Workshop.

Traditional Tools

Human powered hand tools are used from the time the steel is first put in the fire through to the final assembly.
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Charcoal Forged Tanto: hand crafted in Canada.

Reclaimed Materials

Steel, iron, copper, and brass are sourced from salvage and scrap wood for charcoal comes from local sources.
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"Dave’s work is something I have both followed and collected since I first discovered him. They are works of deep meaning, exhibiting elegant functionality with all of the core classical elements of feudal Japan. As a collector of high-value antique arms & armour, and also as a 3-decade student of Japanese martial arts (including the katana and tanto), I first encountered..." (read more)