Category: Ornamental Ironwork

  • Classic Letter Openers

    Shaped almost entirely by forging, these steel blades are finished with traditional twisting, bending, and scrolling handle forms. Approx. 8-10″ long, hand waxed finish. Material: Rolled steel stock A similar piece would start at $360 These pieces are in private collections in Alberta and on Vancouver Island Thanks, Ken!

  • Cedar and Steel Hanger

    West coast memories: A unique piece of silvery weathered cedar contrasts with hand hammered and twisted steel key hooks. This commissioned work was a follow up request after a visit from the good doctor and contrasts silvery weathered Vancouver Island cedar with the dark tones of forged steel. Five hooks are arranged to provide ample…

  • Small Drive In Hooks

    Perfect for a log cabin or post and beam structure, these small spiked hooks can be driven securely into woodwork.

  • Smashin’ Glass!

    Smashin’ Glass is an artist-run studio, gallery, and shop that thrives on supporting local artisans and their creative work.

  • Leaf Keychains

    Is that a piece of wrought iron in your pocket? Pieces of scrap steel are hammered down into a delicate curving leaf and vine motif. Keychains featuring leaves forged from small pieces of reclaimed scrap steel. Approximately 2″ to 3″ long. Hand rubbed combination wax finish. Material: Reclaimed rolled steel scrap A similar piece would…

  • Mini Heart Hooks

    Split and curled hearts are the focal point of these small wall hooks that would work well for keys, dried herbs, or utensils.

  • Large Objets d’Heart

    Inspired by a visit from the good doctor, a whole batch of funky, whimsical, and elegant iron hearts are just in time for sharing. These hearts are fashioned from the scraps that are cut off the end of larger steel stock. Each one is slightly different in size or design and they range from keychain…

  • Small Objets d’Heart

    A fun way to accent, decorate, start a conversation, or start a relationship…these unique iron hearts are made for sharing.

  • Three Nail Sword

    Three nails combined, forged, and hand filed to create a refined yet rugged looking miniature sword in the European style. This miniature sword sculptural piece has the subtle lines of a large finished sword but retains its roots as a rough forged project fashioned from discarded spike nails. The length is just under 10″ and…

  • Stone and Candles

    Earth meets fire and the soft shine of hammered steel plays off the enduring texture of stone in this unique candle holder. A perfect, unique, weathered stone is selected and then becomes the weighted base for a spiral candle holder. The red-hot steel is shaped carefully to the stone, an inch at a time, until…

  • Dr. ‘Smith in the House

    The good doctor dropped by for an impromptu hammer-in to welcome the new year and created an objet d’art for his wife.

  • Bush Forged J-hooks

    Using the excess heat from the charcoal making process, a delicate pair of hooks formed with nothing but a hammer and anvil. While enjoying our backyard charcoal making party, a suggestion was made to haul out the old anvil and conduct some “bush forging” out in the wilderness. This lovely pair of hooks were the…

  • Ornamental Ironwork

    1992 marked the completion of an intense short-term foundation course under a skilled career blacksmith. The next decade was focused on furthering the skill set for creating chandeliers, furniture, utensils, candle holders, and other useful decorative items while developing knifemaking skills on the side.