Category: Jewellery

  • Party on the Drive

    Crossed Heart Forge demo set up at Tigh-Na-Mara for the Resort Drive event. We were invited to participate in the first ever P-Art-y on the Drive event in Parksville on the ninth of September. Our booth featured a live demonstration of cold forged copper penannular shawl pins, rings, and bracelets and also displayed the hand…

  • Elk Bag Collaboration

    One of the first of several ongoing button collaborations to hit the streets, a fire finished copper button makes a perfect accent.

  • Buttons Now Available

    Handmade metal buttons are now available at tomorrow’s fibre arts fair in Errington / Coombs as well as a local shop. By popular demand, Tamaki’s handmade metal buttons are now available in oceanside. Handmade of brass, copper, and aluminum, each is a unique work of art in various patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. The perfect…

  • Handmade Buttons

    Featuring a new hammer texture interpretation of sakura blossoms seen through branches in the spring time.

  • Edo Inspired Buttons

    Hand hammered textures and subtly organic lines bring life and warmth into these handmade metal buttons.

  • Leaf Keychains

    Is that a piece of wrought iron in your pocket? Pieces of scrap steel are hammered down into a delicate curving leaf and vine motif. Keychains featuring leaves forged from small pieces of reclaimed scrap steel. Approximately 2″ to 3″ long. Hand rubbed combination wax finish. Material: Reclaimed rolled steel scrap A similar piece would…

  • Forged Copper Pendant

    Hand-hammered and coiled, hand-tanned deerskin with upcycled electrical wire from a house built in the 1940’s, natural patina finish. This was the first piece I forged from the short length of reno copper that came out of a house by the beach in Qualicum. I was experimenting with hand polished rust pigment finishes when the…

  • Teddy Bear Armour

    Teddy Bear Armour

    Following the first knife ever in 1990 in the form of a mini katana scaled for my teddy bear, I made a three different versions of armour for him as well in 1991 (the summer after grade 8) at the age of 13. The first was probably the bamboo and paper plate armour, the second…