Category: Culinary

  • Solid Wrought Spatula

    A section of large wrought iron dock chain from Vancouver Island is hand forged in a single piece to create this kitchen tool.

  • Oval Pot Rack

    Beautifully patinated steel and reclaimed farm equipment makes up this traditional hand riveted aerial kitchen storage system. This is my favorite kitchen rack to date. The colour and texture, the handmade rivets, and the heavy forged bar across the top all work together perfectly. The weathered finish is natural, a result of fire, hammering, and […]

  • Hooked Copper Spoons

    Equally at home working in the kitchen or on display as kitchen bling, these spoons are crowned with delicate recurved hooks. These spoons are made from split copper water pipe and employ a traditional handle design that incorporates small hooks for storage. Three copper rivets made from discarded bonsai cable join the handle and bowl. […]

  • Nail Coffee Scoop

    An elegant taper transforms a discarded spike nail into a handle with history for this copper scoop. Copper is one of the raw materials that were available to the original inhabitants of Vancouver Island. Add a touch of history and class to the brewing of the perfect espresso. The deep bowl is cut and hammered […]

  • Steel Butter Knife

    A highly sculptural fileworked piece inspired by the rounded butterknife appearance of a scrap of forged steel bar. The raw material for this piece was a scrap cut off of another project that had been hammered down to form a flat tab. The shape seemed so much like an overbuilt butter knife that I decided […]

  • Paper Towel Holder

    Starting with a heart and ending with a leaf, this sturdy stand is worth its weight in the kitchen when hands are short. This was a long-overdue request from home. There is an old saying to the effect of, “In the home of the blacksmith hangs a wooden spoon.” Approx. 14″ high, hand waxed finish. […]

  • Small Heart Trivets

    Smaller variations of heart trivets showcasing various hand formed scroll ends look great alone or in groups of four. These trivets are made using various scroll techniques that would traditionally be used in gate or screen designs. In place of legs, these smaller trivets are bent on edge to provide clearance and even support on […]

  • Large Heart Trivet

    A traditional trivet design that combines the heart with delicately curled and tenoned legs for the ultimate kitchen bling. This trivet features a sideways bending technique that can only be achieved with heat. Taken from the charcoal forge at a bright orange heat, the ends of the trivet are patiently curved against their natural bending […]

  • Heart Copper Spatula

    Simple and effective, the subtle details and heart finials on these utensils make them perfect for kitchen accent pieces.

  • Copper Coffee Scoop

    Simple is good for this little scoop. Brew a perfect cup of coffee to measure with this hammered copper and forged steel piece. Copper is one of the raw materials that were historically available on Vancouver Island. The beauty of this spoon lies in the simplicity of its lines and shapes. The bowl is hammered […]

  • Oval Kitchen Racks

    Hand riveted and forged strap steel and hooks provide a useful storage system and a striking accent for an inviting kitchen space. Inspiration for these pieces came out of the recent collaborative agricultural steel project. Two hanging kitchen racks combine the delicacy of hand forged hooks with the bold curves and lines of flat strap […]

  • Large Leaf Spoon

    Hammered copper and forged steel are combined with the technique of hand riveting in this whimsical culinary sculpture piece. Next to knives, kitchen utensils are one of my favorite projects to work on. Each one is slightly different and there is plenty of room for experimenting with variation of styles. I also enjoy working with […]

  • Automotive Spatula

    Reclaimed sheet steel from the side panel of a van is forged and hand riveted with steel rod to create this tough camping spatula. The automotive sheet steel for the blade of this spatula is the very last bit of a piece of a side panel of a 1980’s van that was removed to install […]

  • Slim Copper Spatula

    An adventure in textures, this sculpture piece is as tactile as it is visual with its straight-peened handle and copper accents. One of the reasons I enjoy making kitchen utensils is that they sometimes allow for a very loose flowing creative process rather than a fixed end goal. This one is a great example of […]

  • Agricultural Pot Racks

    Reclaimed steel from a well-weathered packer finds new purpose in these straight hanging kitchen racks with a variety of hooks. Reminiscent of a traditional sleigh runner pot rack, these pieces are the result of a collaborative project with my grandfather. Three hanging kitchen racks combine the delicate curves of hand forged hooks with the heavy […]