Ocean Spray Mini Sushi Slicer


A scaled-down single bevel fish slicing knife, hand forged from stone cutting sawblade steel.

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One of the final prototype blades from the culinary project, this knife was intended as an agile fish slicer. The proportions are similar to a sasanoha or gyuto but scaled down to three-quarter size to give it the maneuverability of a yanagiba. It sits lightly in the hand and keeps the weight slightly forward on the cutting edge.

The construction is muku and the single bevel cross-section designed for right-handed chefs. The edge has a very subtle curve increasing slightly at the tip to allow the blade to “kiss” the cutting board at the completion of a slice. The acute angle and hard temper will hold a keen edge if well cared for and used only for this type of slicing.

The friction fit handle was hand planed from a piece of two-tone Ocean Spray ironwood and has some lovely surface texture. Ocean Spray grows locally on Vancouver Island and is a very hard, glossy, and dense wood. The handle is finished with 100% pure tung oil. The blade is about 6″ long and the overall length is just under 10″.

Material: Reclaimed stone cutting saw steel, Ocean Spray iron wood

This piece is in a private collection on Gabriola Island.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged knives made from reclaimed steel

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged knives made from reclaimed steel