Mini Sheepsfoot Carving Blade


An 40mm hammer-forged mini carving blade ready to finish in DIY style.

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This small diy blade is a reclaimed piece of a mini Forest Kotanto.

Island Blacksmith: Charcoal forged knives reclaimed from reclaimed steel.

The temper of this high carbon steel blade has been left very hard in order to hold a keen edge for tasks such as wood carving and fine work. This particular combination of steel and heat treatment is well suited to users who require a good edge and are willing to take care of it.

The clay tempered blade was hand forged in a charcoal fire and still bears the hammer marks, original file teeth from the surface of the file. The spine drops sharply to the tip for strength. It has been left as tempered and still has just under 1mm of material left to work with in shaping the edge geometry to suit the end use. The forged bevels are approximately 12 degrees (inclusive) so a secondary bevel, single bevel, or a rolled bevel can be added without losing all of the forged finish. This final edge work should only be done by hand on a waterstone or diamond stone to avoid damaging the temper.

Island Blacksmith: Charcoal forged knives reclaimed from reclaimed steel.

The tang is constructed in a similar manner to a Japanese tanto requiring only a single bamboo peg to hold the knife assembly together. In addition to the sense of beautiful simplicity, this design allows the knife to be taken apart for cleaning, polishing, detailed cutting tasks, or major resharpening work.

The double tapered tang is designed to be mounted in the takedown style of nihonto, with a single removable bamboo peg, but has no hole yet and can be drilled to meet the final configuration as the tang area is not hardened. The blade is 1 5/8″ long and the overall length to the tip of the tang is just over 4.75″. The spine at the munemachi is about 4mm thick.

Island Blacksmith: Charcoal forged knives reclaimed from reclaimed steel.


長さ/刃長 Nagasa (blade length): 40mm
重ね/元重 Motokasane (spine thickness): 4mm
元幅 Motohaba (blade width): 19mm
中心/茎 Nakago (tang length): 82mm

形 Katachi (geometry): hira-zukuri, slight maru-mune (rounded)
中心/茎 Nakago (tang): futsu, kuri-jiri, no mekugi-ana
銘 Mei (signature): mumei (unsigned)
拵 Koshirae (mounting): none

Materials: reclaimed file steel