Kuri Kogatana Blade (order-made)


A 2-4″ kuri-kogatana style kiridashi blade made-to-order.

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A reclaimed steel blade hand forged in a charcoal fire, water quenched with clay, and sharpened with waterstones. This diy blade is in the style of kuri kogatana (繰り小刀), which is a slender type of kiridashi often used for sashimono woodworking and other fine crafts.

The temper of these high carbon steel blades is left quite hard in order to hold a keen edge for tasks such as wood carving and fine work. This particular combination of steel and heat treatment is well suited to users who require a good edge and are willing to take care of it.

The surface will be be left with natural forged hammer texture and the blade geometry will be forged proportionally to the chosen length. The tang length is about 3″-4″, depending on the type of tang selected. The rectangular tang is designed to be used as is or wrapped, and the tapered tang is designed to be fitted with a wooden handle. As this is a made-to-order item, there will be some variation, please allow 4-6 weeks depending on the current project load at the forge.

Potential Materials: reclaimed file steel, reclaimed hay rake tine, reclaimed rasp steel