Custom Tsunagi & Ki Habaki (Wooden Blade)


Hand carved Nootka Cypress tsunagi (placeholder blade) for long term storage or display of collector pieces with koshirae.

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This is a custom ordered set and will be made to size in a similar style and finish as the one pictured. Choose the size by the nagasa (blade length) of the tanto or kotanto it will accompany. Price is only for the tsunagi (wooden blade), and ki habaki (wooden blade collar), metal blade and habaki not included.

Tsunagi are wooden placeholder blades designed to fit in a koshirae while the real blade rests in shirasaya (a storage scabbard) for long term storage and display. Tsunagi will include a mekugi-ana fit to the koshirae it will be part of.

The finished tsunagi will be left with a natural wood surface.

Material: Nootka Cypress
Price: $300 +$50/blade inch