Antique Driftwood & Antler Tanto Kake


Tanto kake (display stand) to accompany a medium to large tanto.

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An antique that has been in the family for many years, the driftwood comes from Japan. This small sword rack is unique and has a very “wabisabi” look and feel. The antler bases have been brushed with a thin layer of pure natural urushi lacquer and the finish of the wood is natural. Height is about 13″, width 14″, and depth just under 6″. The stand is suitable for a medium to large tanto (~9-12″ blade) up to a small wakizashi (~16″ blade) and looks lovely with shirasaya as well.

Material: driftwood, antler sheds, Bamboo, natural urushi lacquer

This piece is in a private collection on Vancouver Island.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged tanto made from reclaimed and natural materials using traditional techniques
Shown with On Ko Chi Shin Tanto, sold separately.