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Specialties & Services

Charcoal forged classical tanto & takedown* knives made by hand from reclaimed and natural materials using traditional techniques.

*What is a takedown knife? A relatively modern term to describe a feature that is central to traditional Japanese swords, a style of construction that allows the handle and mounting parts to be field stripped or removed from the blade for cleaning, polishing, or replacement, or varying use conditions.

What’s cool: Handmade art metal forged in fires fuelled by handmade charcoal from reclaimed scrap wood.
What’s different: Lots of reclaimed steel, human power and traditional techniques; old school all the way.

Handcrafted Knives
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Handmade Metal Buttons
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About the Artists

Davej is an artist, designer, skateboarder, blacksmith, and general maker of things. He began blacksmithing in 1992 and spent a decade hammering on red hot steel to supply traditional ornamental ironwork to boutique shops in Calgary. He also spent several years in Japan, building skateboard ramps and teaching skateboarding, teaching art and web development at a design college and international school, getting married, and absorbing some of the local vibe.

Tamaki is an artist, educator, and ninja master of colour. With roots in Japan, her art and style are informed by the rich culture and aesthetic of thousands of years of creative history. Her specialty is handmade metal buttons.

They are currently working in the shadow of Mt.Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island under the banner of Crossed Heart Forge. Using construction scraps to produce handmade charcoal for fuel, they enjoy working to turn unloved metal and discarded wood into useful and artistic works.

Crossed Heart Forge: IslandBlacksmith.ca

A Brief History

Read the intriguing details of ‘smithing in Amish country, trading handmade knives for tools, and creating functional iron sculpture for a Canadian Olympic icon from back in the ‘eighties. Check it out…

Hammertime at Barkerville Historic Village.