The End of an Era

It is with some hesitation and a great degree of uncertainty that I interrupt the usual flow of news to bring you this official announcement of the end of an era.

While we were blessed to have a workspace on the same property for several years, the recent kajiba project came to a close much earlier than expected—requiring the building, tools, and materials to be removed from the property shortly after its completion. Several blacksmiths, students, and friends providentially converged around the same time and helped make short work of cleaning up the space and providing new homes for most of the tools and materials.

Island Blacksmith - Crossed Heart Forge
Tools and materials removed from the kajiba building.

The buildings, materials, and many of the tools have been sold or donated to good causes and the kajiba will eventually be reassembled by a young smith to launch his craft. There are a few remaining tanto looking for good homes along with some antiques, fittings, and sword materials.

Island Blacksmith - Crossed Heart Forge
Disassembly of the timberframe and earth-walled kajiba building.

I have not given up on blacksmithing by any means, but a series of about a half dozen “curve balls” over the past two years—including a change of landlords, long term injuries, and loss of workspaces—has culminated with this final blow requiring major reflection and recalculation. Circumstances are very much up in the air while we make decisions on relocating to a place where knife making and restoration can continue in some form.

Thank you to the many who have provided encouragement, support, and help along the way—we look forward to the next season with trust and anticipation.

How You Can Support Us During This Time of Transition

As we think, plan, and prepare, one of the main goals now is to provide good homes for some of these remaining items, many of which will not be available again for some time:

The last few tanto (there will not likely be any more for the foreseeable future).

The prototype kominka style knives for the satoyama project.

Antique blades, fittings, and sword restoration materials from the shiageba.

Or a copy of the Decade in Review portfolio book.