Letter Opener Collab

Scrap steel barstock shaped into a unique blade and accented with an embossed copper handle.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork and hand crafted knives.

Inspired by a rare type of double edged kogatana shaped like a Higo style umabari (generally carried in place of kogai), these two letter knives are a collaboration with the button maker. These pieces were forged from a piece of scrap steel bar and finished by hand filing. Made from lower carbon steel, the blades are not sharp. Sealed with a coat of pure tung oil. The handles feature a fired copper patina and a raised embossed sakura design and are affixed with a traditional blended glue of resin, beeswax, and oil. The blades are about 3.5″ long and the overall length is around 7″.

Material: Reclaimed scrap steel, reclaimed copper, kusune (Pine resin glue)
These pieces are in private collections in Kansai.