Elk Bag Collaboration

One of the first of several ongoing button collaborations to hit the streets, a fire finished copper button makes a perfect accent.

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Creative uses for beautiful handmade metal buttons are being added to the list daily. Local and international artists, craftspersons, artisans, and fiber workers are putting them to work as accents on period pieces, works of art, jewellery, accessories, and apparel.

Sylvie creates several styles of uniquely coloured and patterned bags, often available at the Artisan’s Market in Qualicum Beach. This wonderful little bag was handcrafted from natural hand tanned elk hide and has the look and feel of a much older piece. It will continue to develop character as it wears and patina forms over time.

Material: Hand tanned elk hide, fabric, assorted glass and bone beads, brass, reclaimed copper water pipe
This piece is in a private collection on Vancouver Island

Tamaki @ Island Blacksmith: Hand Forged Metalwork.

Read about Tamaki’s process: How A Button Is Made