Oval Pot Rack

Beautifully patinated steel and reclaimed farm equipment makes up this traditional hand riveted aerial kitchen storage system.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

This is my favorite kitchen rack to date. The colour and texture, the handmade rivets, and the heavy forged bar across the top all work together perfectly. The weathered finish is natural, a result of fire, hammering, and years of slow rusting. Carefully brushed clean to retain the look you love.

Some of the material for this piece came out of the collaborative agricultural steel project. Because of the limited amount of this aged steel, this is one of the last of its kind. As with most of the recent work, no welding or modern fasteners were used, each joint is drilled out to a precise size and carefully joined with rivets made from annealed scrap steel rod. This is also the first project I used the newly refitted hand powered post drill on.

The rack comes with six adjustable double hooks and has two extension hooks to bring them down from the ceiling to a useable height. The steel has a beautiful brushed weathered patina and is finished with hand buffed blended bees wax. Size is about 12″ by 26″ with a minimum ceiling distance of about 22″.

Material: Reclaimed rolled steel stock, reclaimed agricultural steel
Price: $6600

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.