Stone and Candles

Earth meets fire and the soft shine of hammered steel plays off the enduring texture of stone in this unique candle holder.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

A perfect, unique, weathered stone is selected and then becomes the weighted base for a spiral candle holder. The red-hot steel is shaped carefully to the stone, an inch at a time, until the final gentle blows close the gap and the rock is locked in a steel grip. This time-intensive piece is the first of its kind, but I really like it and hope to make a few more as I figure out how to streamline the process a bit.

The socket takes a standard taper, but is best used with dripless candles and indoors. The stone is left natural, and the steel is finished with a light coat of combination wax.

Material: Natural weathered stone, rolled steel scrap
A similar piece would start at $720

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.