Oval Kitchen Racks

Hand riveted and forged strap steel and hooks provide a useful storage system and a striking accent for an inviting kitchen space.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

Inspiration for these pieces came out of the recent collaborative agricultural steel project. Two hanging kitchen racks combine the delicacy of hand forged hooks with the bold curves and lines of flat strap steel. As with all the recent work, no welding or modern fasteners were used to create and form these pieces. Each joint is drilled out to a precise size and carefully joined with rivets made from annealed scrap steel rod.

Each rack comes with six adjustable double hooks and the two extension hooks to bring them down from the ceiling to a useable height. The steel has been brushed clean and finished with hand rubbed combination wax.
Size is about 12″ by 23″ with a minimum ceiling distance of about 18″.

Material: Rolled steel stock
A similar piece would start at $1240

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.