Elk Drop Point Hunter

An early piece revisited and naturally refinished; hammer-finished reclaimed steel, elk antler, and hand-tanned deer hide trim.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged knives

For those interested in collecting an earlier work, this is new old stock; one of my few remaining “first round” pieces now refinished and available for purchase. Proceeds will go towards the expense of setting up the new shop. It was originally assembled with epoxy glue so I popped it apart, removed all traces of the glue, cleaned and polished it up and reassembled it using only the peened brass tubing for a clean mechanical connection.

The shape is a slightly swept-back drop point hunter and the back of the tang is fileworked and left proud of the handle. The blade was ground and forged from a piece of diamond-toothed circular concrete saw blade, traditional hammer-finished, and has been blued to a rich grey black to contrast with the cream white hand-scraped elk antler.

The hand-stitched and embossed leather sheath is oak (vegetable) tanned cow hide and the trim is deer hide that I hand tanned in the traditional native (Stoney) way as part of an art/craft experiment in a high-school independent art study project. It is signed and dated 1996 on the back of the sheath. The blade is 4.5″ long and the overall length is about 9.5″.

Material: Reclaimed tool steel, elk antler, brass, oak-tanned cow hide, hand-tanned deer hide
This piece is in a private collection on Vancouver Island.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged knives

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged knives

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