Copper Coffee Scoop

Simple is good for this little scoop. Brew a perfect cup of coffee to measure with this hammered copper and forged steel piece.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

Copper is one of the raw materials that were historically available on Vancouver Island. The beauty of this spoon lies in the simplicity of its lines and shapes. The bowl is hammered from a perfect circle of reclaimed copper water pipe and a simple agricultural eye finishes the end of the forged steel handle. A sturdy antique aluminum rivet joins the handle and bowl. Heaped up, the spoon measures about a tablespoon. Length is about 5.5″.

Material: Reclaimed copper pipe, rolled steel scrap, antique aluminum rivet
A similar piece would start at $240
This piece is in a private collection on Vancouver Island.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.