Workshop Swivel Light

Made from reclaimed parts and hand forged iron, a simple hanging lamp that effortlessly swivels 180 degrees and adjusts vertically.

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.

The light is made from a vintage enameled shade, a discarded socket, and a piece of extension cord wire, and wrought iron. The original plan was to hang it from a swivel arm that spanned from the workshop area in the back up to the front over the forge and anvils. During its construction, it became apparent that a vertical adjustment could be added to the plan very easily. The horizontal position can be adjusted by hand in a second or two, and the vertical position is almost as quick.

The coiled swivel on the end of the hanging arm acts as a spring that keeps the arm locked at whatever height it is placed at. For this application, the vertical shaft is firmly attached to a roof joist to keep it out of the way, but the design could just as easily be adapted to a floor standing version.

Material: Rolled steel stock, reclaimed lamp parts

Island Blacksmith: Hand forged ironwork.