Workshop Door Hinges

Simple, traditional strap and butterfly hinge combination from heavy stock to support the solid wood blacksmith shop doors.

Crossed Heart Forge.

The island workshop doors are built of reclaimed ship lap and other scrap wood, nailed together, and braced with a hand chiseled mortise. The wood had been outside for some time and is still heavy with moisture so the doors are very weighty. For this reason I decided to use extra heavy strap hinges with large diameter hinge pins to both hold them up and contribute to the strength of the doors as well.

The hinges are mounted to the door with hand forged nails, clinched over on the back. Hand tools were used from start to finish in the construction of the doors and hinges. The finish on the hinges is a hard natural wax which will likely allow the steel to develop a patina rapidly in the west coast winter weather.

Material: Rolled steel stock

Crossed Heart Forge.