Forged Copper Pendant

Hand-hammered and coiled, hand-tanned deerskin with upcycled electrical wire from a house built in the 1940’s, natural patina finish.

Crossed Heart Forge.

This was the first piece I forged from the short length of reno copper that came out of a house by the beach in Qualicum. I was experimenting with hand polished rust pigment finishes when the deep patina pattern appeared. I really like the way the dark iron oxide “tiger” accents wrap around the hammer marks and hope to be able to produce this colour again on future pieces.

Among the many reasons I enjoy working with copper is that it is native to Vancouver Island. The finish is natural which can be allowed to patina or kept polished depending on personal preference. The leather is natural hand-tanned buckskin made in the traditional way without chemicals or machines. It can be tied with slider knots, worn like a choker, or tied as a longer pendant.

Material: Reclaimed copper ground wire, brass wire, hand tanned deer hide
A similar piece would start at $360
This piece is in a private collection on Vancouver Island