Island Workshop Day 4

Installed the chimney with lots of ground help from Neido~chan, built shelves, and started to organize tool boxes and scrap steel.

Day 4 of the secret island workshop set up.

A Hole in the Roof

Cutting a hole in the roof isn’t usually adviseable in the west coast climate, but sometimes it has to be done. The chimney is supported by the forge hood and tethered at the top with four guy wires. A double metal sheath, flashing, and skirt at the roof and rain cap on top should keep most of the weather out and the fire in. Forge chimneys never get very hot because the fire is very concentrated but once I switch the forge to charcoal from coal, I may add a mesh spark-arrestor for added safety in the dry season. I had much “gopher” help today from the young apprentice and she saved me many trips up and down the ladder hunting for tools and materials.

Reclaimed Shelves

After using them to lever, brace, and lift many things around the shop, I finally got to purpose the reclaimed planks for their intended use. Having passed the test of lifting the firepot, stump, and anvil, they make a set of very sturdy shelves and helped clear up a lot of floor space. It’s really starting to look like a workshop in there!