Haik Integral Survival

This knife was custom designed with a client who was headed overseas. An ambitious project, the entire knife was forged and ground from a solid overload spring from a truck. The client wanted a heavy bowie style knife that was near indestructible for tough jobs like chopping kindling or hacking out of a downed aircraft in an emergency situation.

The hira-zukuri blade has a distal taper starting from about 1/4″ thick, a slightly convex bevel, an un-sharpened swedge, and a matte finish.

The steel handle is wrapped with flat leather but can easily be re-wrapped or over-wrapped in the field with available materials such as parachute cord or even used without in an emergency situation.

The hand-stitched oak (vegetable) tanned cow hide sheath is embossed with the client’s initials and finished in black. The blade is about 8″ long and the overall length is around 13.5″.

Material: Reclaimed overload leaf spring, oak-tanned cow hide
(please contact if you know the whereabouts of this knife as it was stolen from its owner)