Japan Photo Essay: Chashitsu-goya

Building a small farm shed in an inaka area of Japan. The materials were mostly reclaimed and from what was on-hand on the farm. Incorporating elements of local architecture, the design allows farming tools and materials to stay on site at the field and provides workspace at a… Continue reading

Touzai Tanto

Touzai (東西) can be literally translated “East West” and carries the idea of spanning across distance or covering and including everywhere. There is also a saying, “kokontouzai” (古今東西) which means for all time and all places, literally “old, now, East, West”. This project began with the concept of… Continue reading

Making Sekigane for a Wrought Iron Tsuba

Guards for classical Japanese style takedown knives are generally formed as variations of flat discs that slide over the tang. When working with wrought iron or steel, small copper inserts called sekigane are often used to prevent contact between the blade and the tsuba. This photo essay will… Continue reading

Dagger from the Sea

A desktop sculpture and conversation piece, this heavy duty double edged letter opener was forged from an ancient bolt from the sea. The raw material for this piece was another find from cleaning up the seaside at one of our beautiful Vancouver Island beaches. Recently I found a… Continue reading