Large Leaf Spoon

Hammered copper and forged steel are combined with the technique of hand riveting in this whimsical culinary sculpture piece. Next to knives, kitchen utensils are one of my favorite projects to work on. Each one is slightly different and there is plenty… Continue reading

Automotive Spatula

Reclaimed sheet steel from the side panel of a van is forged and hand riveted with steel rod to create this tough camping spatula. The automotive sheet steel for the blade of this spatula is the very last bit of a piece… Continue reading

Slim Copper Spatula

An adventure in textures, this sculpture piece is as tactile as it is visual with its straight-peened handle and copper accents. One of the reasons I enjoy making kitchen utensils is that they sometimes allow for a very loose flowing creative process… Continue reading

Stone and Candles

Earth meets fire and the soft shine of hammered steel plays off the enduring texture of stone in this unique candle holder. A perfect, unique, weathered stone is selected and then becomes the weighted base for a spiral candle holder. The red-hot… Continue reading

Agricultural Pot Racks

Reclaimed steel from a well-weathered packer finds new purpose in these straight hanging kitchen racks with a variety of hooks. Reminiscent of a traditional sleigh runner pot rack, these pieces are the result of a collaborative project with my grandfather. Three hanging… Continue reading

Dr. ‘Smith in the House

The good doctor dropped by for an impromptu hammer-in to welcome the new year and created an objet d’art for his wife.

Lilac Handled Kiri

A hand planed lilac handled traditional Japanese hand drill for woodworking operations requiring fine control. This piece was the answer to a need for a woodworking project we were creating for our home. The agricultural steel came from my great grandfather’s tractor… Continue reading

ThirtyOne Penny Spoon

Made from an old nail and a copper disc, this tiny spoon showcases the beauty of two reclaimed materials in juxtaposition. This little sugar spoon is by far the smallest I have ever made. It was inspired by the tiny piece of… Continue reading

Integral Ring Knife

An early piece revisited; a traditional patterned small companion knife made from a piece of reclaimed agricultural tool steel. For those interested in collecting an earlier work, this is new old stock; one of my few remaining “first round” pieces still available… Continue reading