Large Heart Trivet

A traditional trivet design that combines the heart with delicately curled and tenoned legs for the ultimate kitchen bling. This trivet features a sideways bending technique that can only be achieved with heat. Taken from the charcoal forge at a bright orange… Continue reading

Mini Heart Hooks

Split and curled hearts are the focal point of these small wall hooks that would work well for keys, dried herbs, or utensils.

Heart Copper Spatula

Simple and effective, the subtle details and heart finials on these utensils make them perfect for kitchen accent pieces.

Large Objets d’Heart

Inspired by a visit from the good doctor, a whole batch of funky, whimsical, and elegant iron hearts are just in time for sharing. These hearts are fashioned from the scraps that are cut off the end of larger steel stock. Each… Continue reading

Small Objets d’Heart

A fun way to accent, decorate, start a conversation, or start a relationship…these unique iron hearts are made for sharing.

Charcoal Retort Day 6

The second half of the load construction cut offs donated by Tim and his crew at Bayshore Construction were just enough to fill the retort and fuel a round of charcoal making. Though the lid and support bars were very warped from… Continue reading

Woodlands Bent Knife

An experimental rawhide wrapped version of a traditional Woodlands bent knife for carving paddles and canoe components. This is a one-handed draw knife based on the woodlands crooked knife design and construction. The knife is gripped palm up with the thumb resting… Continue reading

Elk Drop Point Hunter

An early piece revisited and naturally refinished; hammer-finished reclaimed steel, elk antler, and hand-tanned deer hide trim. For those interested in collecting an earlier work, this is new old stock; one of my few remaining “first round” pieces now refinished and available… Continue reading

Three Nail Sword

Three nails combined, forged, and hand filed to create a refined yet rugged looking miniature sword in the European style. This miniature sword sculptural piece has the subtle lines of a large finished sword but retains its roots as a rough forged… Continue reading