Sustainable ‘Smithing?

One of the draws of this type of craftsmanship is the deeply ingrained appreciation for ‘real’ and natural materials and simple methods. Many of the shop operations depend on human power and handwork. The charcoal fuel for forging is made from reclaimed wood.

Handcrafted Knives

Inspired by the Japanese art of swordsmithing, Dave began making knives in 1990. His approach brings together a fusion of cultural and artistic styles from his experiences in Africa, North America, and Asia. Highlighting the potential for creative transformation in discarded objects, most of his raw material is… Continue reading

Ornamental Ironwork

1992 marked the completion of an intense short-term foundation course under a skilled career blacksmith. The next decade was focused on furthering the skill set for creating chandeliers, furniture, utensils, candle holders, and other useful decorative items while developing knifemaking skills on the side.

D.i.y. Technology

Blacksmithing is a unique craft with the ability to produce and modify its own tools. Understanding of various properties of wood and metals have led to applications in several areas including interior design, playspaces, pyrotechnics, tool repair, and skateboarding.

Mini Brass & Ebony Spring Folder

This began as a prototype and was my first attempt at a folding knife. Due to the small size of the piece I opted for a spring-tension lock system rather than an actual lock. This is quite a bit more complex than a friction folder and was a… Continue reading

Linen Micarta Integral

I wanted to continue to develop my integral survival-style camp knife pattern with this piece. The steel comes from a heavy leaf spring and entailed quite a bit of shaping work. The shape is called integral because the guard and blade are forged and ground from one piece.… Continue reading

Haik Integral Survival

This knife was custom designed with a client who was headed overseas. An ambitious project, the entire knife was forged and ground from a solid overload spring from a truck. The client wanted a heavy bowie style knife that was near indestructible for tough jobs like chopping kindling… Continue reading

Pakkawood Clip Point

Reclaimed agricultural steel, a fused bronze guard pattern, and multi-colour hardwood laminate. The shape is based on a traditional design for an all-purpose companion knife. It is large enough to meet most tasks while eliminating excess weight and bulk. The full hidden tang blade was forged from a… Continue reading

Ebony & Horn Drop Point Skinner

This is a piece from when I was first experimenting with the traditional Japanese method of clay-tempering blades (yaki-ire) in the early 1990’s. A thin clay mask creates dual temperature zones in the quenching bath, leaving the blade harder at the edge and tougher in the body. If… Continue reading