Local Pickup Only – Magnolia Slabs


Sword restoration supplies in search of a new home to care for them.


This offering is only for those that can come and pick up the wood in the Oceanside area on Vancouver Island. Will not be shipped.

Air-dried Magnolia seasoned inside for several years, some with spalting. Probably about five or six slabs 2-3′ long, 6-10″ wide, most thick enough for splitting to carve handles and scabbards (enough to make at least a dozen tanto), all more than thick enough for kitchen knife handles. All are over 1″ thick (~1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″), at last count two are about 2′ long, two are about 2.5′, one 3′ and one 3.5′, some checks, sold as-is, for pickup only.

Local payment by e-transfer: $280cad for slabs (or $380cad including ~3-4 prepared/split wakizashi blanks), please contact via email.

Island Blacksmith: Sword Restoration