Custom Shirasaya (Storage Scabbard)


Hand carved Nootka Cypress shirasaya (storage scabbard) for long term storage of collector pieces or unmounted blades.

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This is a custom ordered piece and will be made to size in a similar style and finish as the one pictured. Choose the size by the nagasa (blade length) of the tanto or kotanto it will hold. Price is only for the tsuka (handle), saya (scabbard), and mekugi (peg), blade and habaki not included.

Shirasaya are storage scabbards designed to hold a blade that does not have a full koshirae mount, or in the case of long term storage outside of a koshirae. It can include a mekugi-ana and mekugi peg, or be a true shirasaya with only a friction fit mounting.

The finished shirasaya will either be left natural or lightly rubbed with ibota wax for a minimal finish.

Material: Nootka Cypress, Bamboo
Price: $400 +$80/blade inch