Antique Sale – Fuchi/Kashira, koi/oshidori/pavilion


Antique fittings in search of a new home to care for them.

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A few select items from the collection are moving out and looking for new homes, proceeds will be invested in the workshop and materials for current projects. Likely Edo period (~1600-1800) but may be older, this antique set from Japan could be added to a collection or used for restoration or study, sold as is.

A nice deep black shakudo (copper/gold alloy) base with gold inlay/overlay and katakiribori style chisel carving around the characters which appear to be a wood duck (oshidori) and a koi on the banks of a stream. The kashira connects the theme in shakudo with gold roofed pavilion (probably the pagoda in gion, kyoto), rooftops, trees, and stream under inlaid shibuichi (copper/silver alloy) moon, accented with delicate katakiribori on the sides.

Japanese wood ducks are called oshidori (おしどり/オシドリ/鴛鴦) and are used in the phrase oshidori fūfu (おしどり夫婦, “a couple of lovebirds/happily married couple”). Koi-zuma (恋妻, こいづま) means loving wife and is a play on the word for koi fish (鯉).

Item: 1 fuchi, 1 kashira
Material: shakudo with carved design, shibuichi inlay and gold overlay
Size: fuchi – H38mm x W22mm x D13mm, kashira – H34mm x W17mm x D9mm