Antique Sale – Fuchi/Kashira, Horse & Gourd


Antique fittings in search of a new home to care for them.

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A few select items from the collection are moving out and looking for new homes, proceeds will be invested in the workshop and materials for current projects. Kept in a family until recently, likely Edo period (~1600-1800) but may be older, this antique set from Japan could be added to a collection or used for restoration or study, sold as is.

There is a Japanese idiom about the horse coming from a gourd, “hyōtan kara koma ga deru” (瓢箪から駒), like a horse coming out of a gourd: something unexpected, unbelievable, or near miraculous (horse, gourd, and sometimes Chōkarō Sennin). Occasionally a reclining figure is substitute for the gourd, and in this case antique Edo period tobacco pouch ornaments were mounted originally with the set as menuki, likely with an interesting story behind them.

Item: 1 fuchi, 1 kashira, 2 menuki included as part of original matched (as mounted) set
Material: shakudo with carved design, copper tobacco pouch menuki w/silver overlay
Size: fuchi – H38mm x W21mm x D13mm, kashira – H34mm x W13mm x D7mm, menuki L34mm x H15mm x D5mm

Island Blacksmith: Antique Edo Fittings Sale

Island Blacksmith: Antique Edo Fittings Sale