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50% non-refundable deposit for custom work*

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modified kiritsuke yanagiba houchou


blade length ~ 255mm (10″)
motohaba ~ 30-40mm
motokasane ~ 3-6 mm at spine w/distal taper (45/45/10 veggies/fish/beef)
yanagiba / kiritsuke shape
slightly maru mune, fairly straight spine
single right-handed bevel
dropped hankotsu tip with unsharpened swedge
slightly curved heel
high hardness (400 degree temper)
hammered working finish (remaining hammer marks and original surface)

traditional friction fit handle (1-2mm tang gap)
right handed kurigata shape
14cm x 1.9-2.2w x 2.3-2.7h
sapele with wenge accent, fukiurushi
handpainted style dark urushi kanji on handle (李 穎 峰)

no storage saya


reclaimed carbon steel rasp
sapele wood
wenge wood


preferably within the next 3 months if possible

Approximate Total:

$2860 plus shipping and tax
(balance due before shipment/pickup)

*this deposit is non-refundable, please ensure you are committed to this project before making the payment, all measurements are approximate unless otherwise indicated.