Komori~san back in the forge

Komori~san and his talented crew came to the island and spent a couple of days getting footage in the forge and of the final assembly of a tanto. They set up all their own lighting in the forge, and along with a couple of cameras and a sound… Continue reading

Futokorogatana Kaiken Tanto

Futokorogatana (懐刀) is translated as “clothing fold sword” and describes a type of tanto mounting meant to be carried in the kimono sleeve or fold. Also known as kaiken, this humble style of hidden mounting is usually unadorned with a smooth profile and lacquer finish. More photos and information.

Pacific Yew Forest Kotanto

This custom kotanto finds a balance between the humble satoyama style and a classical tanto with a striking combination of forged copper, natural orange hardwood, and black urushi lacquer. The blade began as a reclaimed harrow tooth and was hand forged in a charcoal fire, differentially hardened using… Continue reading